Are you feeling:

  • Overwhelmed?
  • Unsure how to manage your child’s emotions?
  • Angry more often than you would like to?
  • Stressed and not enjoying your parenting journey?
  • Worried about not being a ‘good enough’ parent?
  • Scared you are going to get it all wrong?


Are you parenting a neurodivergent (ND) child and need support to understand your child’s needs through a neuro-affirming lens? You may even be ND yourself, and find you are feeling swamped with very little spoons left to look after your children, let alone yourself! 

Parenting support is available. 


Parenting. It takes a village. Yet, we live in a society where that village has disintegrated. Parents are feeling more isolated than ever before, stressed, exhausted, and pulled in all different directions. And while parenting can be one of the greatest experiences we can have as humans, it can also be our most challenging.

Most parents want to protect their children from harm and support them to grow up as healthy, resilient, and emotionally well-adjusted adults. Yet wanting this and knowing HOW to do this, are often two vastly different things. ESPECIALLY in the heat of a moment. We do not arrive at parenting as blank slates. We come with our own wounds and with our own triggers, and when our children behave in certain ways, these triggers become activated.

Learning how to manage our own emotional experience and gain a deeper understanding of what our children are desperately trying to communicate behind their behaviour, is what helps us become healthier and more effective parents. I am passionate about helping parents develop a greater awareness of their own feelings and behaviours and their children’s. Because when children feel truly heard and understood parenting becomes easier. And when parenting becomes easier, LIFE becomes easier.

Let me help you and become part of your village. Together, we can work towards creating a more peaceful and joyful parenting experience.